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Synchronicity Motion Pictures is an Atlanta-based production company. We love commercials, corporate, gorgeous music, and documentary production. Our Georgia team works with you from your project's inception to help understand your target and budget needs, bring ideas to the table to make it all come together with clear concepts and pitch decks. When we land on the sweet spot we take these ideas to pre-production, starting with locations, crewing up from directors of photography, gaffers, sound mixers, hair and make-up, drone ops, grp and more, assessing your gear needs and locations.


Our crews are highly experienced, motivated, and respectful - they love what they do.

What does LIGHT. SHOOT. FLY™ mean?

Light - Everything is born of the light. Lighting, be it augmented and more natural in tone, or involving more intricate set ups, is a major necessity - shape it, and bring out the dimensionality of the image.

Shoot - Using the right camera and lens combinations, be it on more static, or flowing images with the use of steadicam, gimbals and cranes, the frame within the light is born.

Fly - We fly drones, using only FAA Part 107 certified operators, to catch all your footage in its stunning glory.


We work with you to understand your goals and market, delivering clear concepts to help bring your vision to life, and create the scripts and boards to get you up and running.


Location scouting, cast,  crew and gear. We source crews nationwide who are talented, problem solvers -from directors, cinematographers, gaffers, make-up, sound, crane ops, drone ops, and many more vital pieces of the production puzzle, depending on your needs


Be it working with in studios with LED volumes, or on location, our crews go ensure top quality work. Off site? We put clients on the set, with camera feeds directly to your tablet, or computer, so you have a strong start to the post journey


Whether you work with us and our post partners, or you're in-house, we have your back. We deliver your footage, LUTs, looks, and on set reference captures so the vision you had, comes to life brilliantly.

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