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Whether you're an advertising agency, or direct client, we work with you to ensure your vision comes to life.


We offer an experienced crew nationwide, all the gear, & help you find the location you're dreaming of. 


We've got this! Production is our world. Whether you're with us on set, or not, you'll get all the shots you need.


Your post or ours? Whatever the case, we deliver your assets, LUTs & references via hard drive, or in the cloud. 

Synchronicity Motion Pictures [SMP] is based in Atlanta, GA. We work directly with clients, as well as with advertising agencies and media companies. Our crews Light. Shoot. Fly™ , all with the right gear, for every project, large or small. We crew up your gig with experienced, talented and highly motivated filmmakers - be it cinematographers, gaffers, ACs, grips, DITs, sound mixers, hair and makeup, or producers. We have your back, and then some.

[SMP] offers an all-in-one solution for life on set, with a versatile array of tools from state of the art cinema cameras, high dynamic range monitoring, versatile, and efficient lighting and grip options, production monitors, wireless options and more. 

While on set, we give you an image directly from the camera(s) where multiple viewers can join, view, give feedback and collaborate on shoots, be it single cam or multi-cam. We work with Teradek Core, VUER as well as and for asset delivery. We also offer C2C (Camera to Cloud) with RED V-Raptor to give clients ready to edit proxy files immediately from camera, so you can start editing while we're still on set. We make life on set a breeze, whether you're on set with us, or off. 

Synchronicity are firm believers of always treating crew members fairly, and their hard work is always acknowledged, so they keep doing what they love, always arrive on time, and love what they do. 

Everything has a story, what is yours? Reach out today and get started with our way

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