Synchronicity Motion Pictures is based in Atlanta, GA. Our work ranges from commercials, documentaries, corporate, and music. We specialize in on production, with excellent cinematography, lighting, as well as drones with a FAA Part 107 certified operator. So your time on set, or even remotely, is a breeze. 


SMP offers a versatile array of tools from state of the art cinema cameras, drones, production monitors, gimbals, powerful and efficient lighting and grip. We crew up, light, shoot and fly.

Safety first: In this unprecedented time of Covid, we make sure you're 100% comfortable with your shoot. All gear is pre and post-shoot sanitized, PPE kits are always on board with masks, gloves, thermometer, sanitizing gels, and sprays. We follow CDC guidelines, and cater our shoots to follow social distancing requirements. As such, we not only offer wireless on set capabilities, as well as portable options for all crew to view on their devices, but also remote monitoring capabilities for directors and producers, from multiple cameras.


Let us help you design the shots you envision, and capture the story you've been dying to tell.


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