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History UML is a rapid application development language first introduced by Object Management Group (OMG) in 1994 as a metamodel for object-oriented (OO) design. Its emphasis on common model elements and accessibility enabled it to become the metamodel standard for OO development. UML is not only used as a metamodel, but is also used as a foundation for design languages. UML is still evolving as new model elements are added to the standard and as new requirements and demands for OO development arise. The initial version of the standard was supported by UMLAD; this was subsequently bought out by IBM and became IBM Rational Modeler. In 1997, OMG, with financial support from the United States National Science Foundation, formed the Alliance for Open UML. The Alliance created the Open UML (OUML) specification. This specification is maintained by the Open UML Community (OUC) and is freely available to the public. OUML provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows software developers to create and share a variety of UML models with others. In 1998, the OUC developed a framework for design-time transformation between UML and other languages. This is known as the UML-Interchange Framework (UIF). In 2007, the OUC created the Object Management Group Open Distributed Meta-Environment (OMG ODM) in order to develop and test metamodels and metamodeling languages. Language and object-oriented metamodels One of the first metamodels was the early UML metamodel. This metamodel introduced a lot of new modeling constructs and is not usually used anymore. The OCL metamodel is commonly used instead. The OCL metamodel was published in 2002 and has evolved a great deal since its initial publication. A newer and evolving metamodel is the OMG-UI, or Object Management Group User Interface metamodel. It was first released in 2006 and is currently being revised and evolved. Language and run-time Language and run-time support for UML has always been optional. However, the initial release of UMLAD was fully support for language and runtime. UMLAD was bought by IBM and became IBM Rational Modeler. This product then evolved to become Rational Rose, which no longer supports UMLAD or



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