Envision, Deliver

Telling a story the right way is difficult. Many are left disappointed with results of what they envisioned compared to what the final product is. Four words sum it up. Lack of pre production.


With meticulous pre-pro, you lighten your stress on set, find the right crew and location, budget correctly, prioritize your shot list, and deliver the story you wanted to tell at the end of it all.


Often actors are over-directed, leaving them less to pool from their own talent and versatility. Don't choke them. Let them breath life into your project. That's why you chose them.

From narrative, documentary, commercials and more.


Peter Dimako with Chase Anderson
Directing with Chase Anderson
Directing with Stu Klitsner
Directing with Afton Shepard
Directing with Kelsey Forren
Directing with Chloe Dimako
Peter Dimako on set